Beware of These 6 things that can Damage the Eyes

The eye is one of the five senses that has an important function in our lives.

Why so ? Because, we can see any objects around us because our eyes are healthy.

Without realizing it, doing daily Activities can damage the health of your eyes. So that the eyes stay healthy. There are several things you need to avoid namely:

1. Reading while lying down

Reading while lying down is fun and very relaxing. However, reading in this way can make it difficult to keep a good eye distance from the book. This can cause eye soreness and fatigue, which can eventually damage the eyes.

2. Spending a lot of time in front of the gadget screen

Interacting with a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone for a long time can cause eye fatigue and headaches. This happens because when you look at the gadget screen, your eye muscles will work extra.

To keep your eyes healthy, all you have to do is rest at least 60 minutes when interacting with gadgets.

3. Unclean Contact Lenses

Some people prefer to use contact lenses instead of glasses. But most people often forget and are lazy to keep the contact lenses clean. Therefore it can cause your eyes to become irritated and red.

4. Using Expired Eye Makeup

This is often done by most women who often forget to throw away the make-up you use. Therefore it can cause an infection in your eye.

5. Smoking

A lot of information discusses the ill effects of smoking. And in fact, smoking does cause many diseases, including the eyes. People who have a smoking habit are more prone to blindness due to cataracts, macular degeneration, or eye nerve damage.

6. Rubbing the Eyes

Perhaps rubbing your eyes will provide relief, especially if your eyes are itchy. However, this includes daily activities that can damage the eyes, because we spread bacteria and dirt when rubbing the eyes

Even rubbing your eyes can cause permanent corneal damage, such as a disorder known as keratoconus in which the cornea thins and begins to bulge outward, and this can damage the fragile vessels around the eye.

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