Warning! Skin Signs Are Not Suitable For Skin Care

Not suitable for Skin Care

If your skin does not match the use of skincare, do not force yourself to wear it, because it will actually damage your skin.

Here are some signs that skincare products that are used do not match your skin:

1. Burning taste when using the Product

If you experience it, you might be allergic to one of the ingredients in a product. Therefore, be careful in choosing skincare products and if you experience this it is better not to stop using it.

2. Dry Skin

If you experience dry skin to peel, especially around the nose and in the corners of the mouth, maybe it's because you use acne products excessively. Therefore, if you overdo it in use it will make the skin stress and accelerate skin aging, so it is better to reduce the use of skin moisturizers.

3. Reddish Rash Occurs

Usually there is a reddish rash on certain parts of the skin that are considered sensitive to the ingredients contained in it, such as diarrhea, nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Usually also marked reddish rash or small spots in one of these areas.

4. Skin Itchy

The skin will feel itchy and clumsy, usually occurs directly after a few minutes of use of the product. The emergence of such skin reactions, because it is not suitable to use certain skincare, due to sensitive skin or it is not suitable to use the cream used.

5. Experiencing Itching

If this happens, you may be allergic to your skin care.

To find out which products cause itching, use one at a time and then see the results. You see, when you use a variety of new products at once at a time, it will be very difficult to determine which causes. Give a gap of 2 to 3 weeks to see the compatibility of the product before using a new one.

6. You experience Pigmentation Suddenly

If you see brown spots, or sunburn on your skin, you most likely don't use sunscreen that is strong enough. But if you notice changes in pigmentation, especially in the cheekbones, after using a new product for several days to a week, this can be an allergic reaction that rarely occurs in certain ingredients.

How have you ever experienced that?
If YES, share it under the comment column.

Both men and women, usually will experience in one of these signs if it does not match a product.

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