A simple way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 You have to do

          The increase in covid-19 is still ongoing in all parts of the world. Until the beginning of April, the right vaccine was not found to prevent it.

Therefore we must implement precautionary measures from Covid-19. How to? Here are 7 ways to prevent it:

1. Washing Hands

One way to prevent covid-19 is by washing hands. Because, the hand is one part of the body that is the source of disease.

Wash your hands for a minimum of 15 seconds to kill the corona virus using soap and clean running water. After that, dry your hands using a clean cloth or tissue.

2. Wearing a Mask

This virus does not spread through the air. However, the use of masks can prevent transmission of the virus. Because, this virus can enter the body through the eyes, mouth and nose.

Masks can also be used when someone is in an unhealthy condition. Avoid using one mask repeatedly.

3. Avoid Direct Interaction

A simple way to ward off the fifth corona virus is to avoid direct interaction such as hugging, shaking hands, and so on.

4. Maintain endurance

The important thing to note is to maintain our immune system. If the immune system is low, especially when sick, the virus is easier to attack the body, whether it's a flu virus or SARS-CoV-2. Maintaining the immune system is quite simple and young, such as:

- Exercise regularly.
- Eat nutritious foods.
- Meet the needs of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C and D.

5. Wash food ingredients

Always wash the food obtained before processing it. Because, in food there is always the possibility of the presence of germs, bacteria, until the corona virus.

6. Avoid sharing personal items

Personal belongings of others can increase the risk of corona virus transmission. Because although there are no symptoms, this virus can infect the human body to the status of a silent carrier that carries and transmits the corona covid-19 virus to others.

7. Sneezing and Cough Ethics

The ethics of sneezing and coughing properly use an inner hand elbow or clean tissue. The reason, the liquid released when coughing and sneezing can be a corona virus transmission medium.

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