Kiwi is a Small Fruit that has many Health Benefits for your Body

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         Kiwi is a small fruit that has many health benefits for our body. This fruit has a sweet taste and full of nutrients in it such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Potassium

Kiwi fruit also has a lot of fiber which is good for our body's health. You can eat small black seeds in kiwifruit with its skin but most people prefer to peel their skin before eating.

Benefits of Kiwifruit for Body Health

Here are the benefits of kiwifruit that you can get include:

1. Smooth digestive Tract

Kiwi contains an enzyme called actinidain which launches protein digestion. If you experience constipation or have difficulty defecating.

2. Beautify the Skin

A healthy body and skin need a stable pH level. Well, the alkaline nature of kiwi can neutralize the body if you consume too much acidic food. Antioxidants in vitamins C and E in kiwi are also good for the skin and keep it young.

For that, anyone who wants healthy, bright and radiant skin from now on decorate your days by regularly consuming kiwifruit every day.

3. Improving the Immune System

Most people probably don't know that kiwifruit contains a lot of Vitamin C which is twice as high as oranges.

The high content of vitamin C in kiwifruit makes it able to help boost the immune system to prevent the body from disease. In addition, vitamin C in kiwifruit also acts as an effective antioxidant in counteracting the adverse effects of free radicals.

4. Heart Health

Potassium content found in kiwifruit can help to lower blood pressure, neutralize sodium in the body. And coupled with fiber and Vitamin K in kiwifruit can prevent the buildup of calcium in the arteries in maintaining heart health.

5. Bone Health

Vitamin K contained in kiwifruit plays an important role in maintaining bone health. This vitamin serves to help the process of calcium absorption in order to build healthy bones.

For that, maintain the body's need for vitamin K from various foods that are the best source such as kiwifruit and green vegetables

6. Lose Weight

Kiwifruit is rich in soluble fiber which can increase satiety and reduce hunger when consuming it.

7. Improve Mood

Inevitably it turns out that a good atmosphere can change at once. For that consumption of kiwifruit every day to improve your mood that is being bad. Kiwifruit is high in serotonin, which plays an important role in improving mood, regulating appetite and increasing sleep efficiency by up to 15%.

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