Know these 8 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eyes are one of your organs must remain in good function. Therefore, there is no reason to wait until it enters the elderly to start maintaining eye health. The sooner you start maintaining the vision function, the sooner you will get the benefits.
Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy
Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Here are a few things you can apply from now on to keep your eyes healthy

1. Eat fruits and Vegetables

Rooting is useful in maintaining eye health. This is because Beta is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

2. Watch Routine after the Ofmologist

In fact you are encouraged to regularly watch eyes at any age. However, this habit becomes very important for generations of milenals from the age of 20 years and above.

Your doctor will do a series of tests to check how well your vision is to keep track of early eye problems. Even if you do not have any current symptoms or complaints.

3. Reduce Eye Droplet Use

Reduce eye drops. Using an eye droplet to handle red eyes is possible, but only occasionally. If it is excessive, it will further damage your eye health.

4. Avoid sitting too long in front of the Computer

To maintain eye health, try not to spend too much time before the computer screen. It can make your eyes weary.

5. Read in low Light

To maintain eye health, avoid reading in low light that can cause eye strain. If the eyes feel tired, pause and rest.

6. Direct view of light too Bright

Do not immediately see the light too bright. Don't focus your eyes on the sunlight as it can damage your eyes.

7. Wear UV Protective Sunglasses

Use a polfiled lens instead of just a dark lens. UV Protective sunglasses are required to withstand sun exposure.

8. Often Breaks Eyes

If you focus on a close object, try to focus on the distant object as well. It can help you to relax muscles tense the eye better. You just need to sit down and use the rule 20-20-20. Where every 20 minutes you focus on a close object or focus on the screen, then rest your eyes for 20 seconds by looking at something 20 feet or about 6 feet away.

Do it regularly to avoid eye damage. Also, don't forget to blink or close your eyes for a moment so that your eyes don't run out.

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