You must know! 6 Ways to Treat Your Mental Health so Stress Is Not Easy

In life, we have times when we feel depressed, sad, or afraid. Often the feeling is lost in line with the completion of the problem we face. But sometimes that feeling develops into a more serious problem. It Can happen to one of us.
Ways to Treat Your Mental Health so Stress Is Not Easy
Your Mental Health so as not to Stress

Each individual has a different way of addressing every problem He faced. Anyone can bounce back from setbacks while there are people Others who may feel burdened by it for a long time.

The mental health we have is not always the same. Subject to change due to Environmental changes as well as those that continue to move through the life Different. With these changes, we are expected to be able to To keep maintaining good mental health.

Good mental health is characterized by:
• The individual's ability to know its potential and maximize it
• Individual ability to cope with the pressing situation
• Individual ability to work productively and rewarding in the workplace,
  Family, community, and among friends

A practical way to keep our mental health:

1. Accepting and appreciating yourself

Every individual is different and unique, but one thing is the same is no The perfect individual. Appreciate ourselves. Recognise and accept weaknesses We have, but focus on the things that become our strengths.  Be More realistic to the things we still want to change in us. If it Can be changed, try to change it slowly. 

2. Sports

The body is the driving of all your activities. If not treated with health or decreased condition, the disease will be easily attacked. The results of the activities and the performance affect the work. Always take time to exercise, eat healthy foods to work in this life more prime.

3. Telling Others

Telling the feeling of perceived feelings does not imply that we are weak, But it is part of our efforts to maintain mental health. Being heard by others makes us feel supported and not alone. It may initially be difficult, but if continuing it will be accustomed. Therefore, look for the person you can talk to casually and submit In your head.

4. The Rest

If too many activities turned out to make us depressed, then look for time To rest and relax. Listen to our own bodies. If the body is very tired, Give time to sleep. In addition do activities such as listening to music, Reading, watching a movie, or trying a fun new activity. You Also can perform breathing, yoga, or meditation arrangements. Use 10 minutes for a break in a busy day will help us overcome Pressure better.

5. Consumption of Healthy Foods and Beverages

Our brains need nutrients to stay healthy and work well, like organs In our bodies. Doing a balanced diet can help health Our mental cause can help the way of thinking and the way we feel something. Try To consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and drink water. Minimalize consumption of caffeinated beverages, high sugar content, and alcohol. Avoid eating, Drinking alcohol, smoking, and using illegal drugs to complete Problems or overcome the unpleasant feelings we experience. Such a thing is not Will solve the problem, instead it will create a new problem. 

6. Have Fun/Vacation

Look for a positive hobby that can make you happy and keep happy. As simple as choosing the most popular sport, the hobby that makes you forget all the fatigue, until the childhood habits that are no longer forgotten as they grow up. Don't be shy to laugh off, make mistakes to be a shame. No man is perfect and everyone just wants to live peacefully and happily.

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