Get used to getting up in the Morning, Here are the Benefits of getting up in the Morning

          For you are a worker or student. What time do you usually wake up? At 7 or 8 in the morning? Getting up in the morning is not a difficult thing to do, especially for those whose homes are far away having to catch up on a train or bus schedule that is used as transportation.

Don't just for this reason you wake up in the morning, if your office or campus is on vacation, you will wake up later. Because, the habit of waking up in the morning can make you cleaner air and sunlight that is good for your health.

The following are other Benefits of getting up early that you can get

1. Give time for breakfast

Getting up in the morning makes you have a good breakfast time. If you skip breakfast, your body will respond with excessive hunger during the day. When you start to starve, you run the risk of having lunch with an unhealthy intake.

2. Make mentally healthier

People who get up early usually have a better atmosphere and a more optimistic mentality. Because, they are also easier to feel satisfied. Especially for people who are accustomed to getting up at night and sleeping in the morning, even though it is related to intelligence and creativity, tend to have negative atmosphere such as feelings of depression and pessimism.

3. More planned daily activities

Get up in the morning to make the activities that you will go through during the day can be well planned. Often the benefits of waking up this morning are not realized but affect a number of your daily activities, such as missed lunches and other simple things.

4. Maximizing brain function

The habit of waking up in the morning can maximize brain function because the flow of oxygen to the brain becomes smooth, so you will avoid various problems related to the brain such as easy to forget, and low memory.

5. Prevent lung damage

Oxygen in the morning is also useful for preventing lung damage and various other diseases. In the morning, before dawn, the air still contains good ozone gas to prevent lung damage.

6. Helps skin look healthy

After a deep sleep, the skin will show its best condition in the morning. The benefits of waking up this morning can be used to provide additional supplements to the skin.

7. Expel stress

The morning air and the warmth of the sun will make it calmer and make our moods better. So, you are stress free and more enthusiastic about today's challenges

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