7 Benefits of Bananas for Your Body's Health You May Not Know

          Of course, everyone should know bananas, with a soft texture and lots of nutritional content. Most people make favorite fruit. Because the content of bananas is easily absorbed by the body and can restore our body's stamina. Of course you do not know there are benefits to the health of our bananas. Here are the various benefits of bananas that you need to know about.

Benefits of bananas for the health of our bodies

1. As a source of body energy

Bananas are easier to digest quickly and sugar levels in bananas can be a source of energy for our body, and good for the formation of our body and muscles which is very good for relieving fatigue.

2. Maintain body digestion

If your stomach hurts, bananas are the right choice to calm stomach problems. Banana with soft texture and fiber contained in this fruit can launch our digestive system.

3. Good for skin health

If you have a banana that is too ripe, it cannot be removed, because there are many benefits such as for skin health. These fruits contain lots of vitamin C which can be made into a face mask because it can help prevent acne and prevent damage from UV rays.

4. Helps restore cells in our body to become healthy again

Bananas rich in vitamin B6 can help cells in the body regain health and there are antibodies to fight infections in the body.

5. Avoid anemia

Bananas that are high in iron are very helpful for preventing anemia. Anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells that causes fatigue, pale and shortness of breath.

6. Control your weight

Bananas are also very good at weight loss and can add weight why is that? Because it has been proven in someone who loses weight by eating four bananas and 4 cups of milk at least three days a week it will make our body healthy again.

7. Good for pregnant women

It is recommended for pregnant women to consume bananas because they contain a lot of folate origin, which is easily absorbed by the fetus through the uterus. However, don't overdo it because one banana contains 80-100 calories.

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  1. Banana its very good for eye, because banana contain vit A. nice info..



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