Benefits Of Potatoes For Your Health

Potatoes are one of the sources of carbohydrates that is popular enough or has a lot of carbohydrates as well as a substitute for rice. Types of tubers are easy to process so many different menu entrees, main or cover which of course was delicious.
Many of the benefits you can get with potatoes as follows:

1. Prevention of cancer

Vitamin B6 on potatoes is very strong to prevent the formation of tumors in the body, in this case is in prostate cancer and uterine cancer in women. Eating potatoes will prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body and has a lot of studies that prove it.

2. reduce cholesterol levels

Potatoes have many benefits including reducing cholesterol levels derived from potassium content substance pretty much to himself. As we meet on the benefits of bananas, astringent potassium help prevent cholesterol buildup in the blood. Low calorie potato, menu can be Your diet low in cholesterol, of course without in the FRY.

3. Bone porous

Potatoes are very good for bone health, why so? Because of the iron content in potatoes making sure it really helps the growth and bone health as a whole. Iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc are present in potatoes is the perfect combination to build and shape the structure and strength of bones.

4. Heart Health

There are many nutrients that are contained in the potato one is to support the performance of the heart in order to keep healthy healthy, fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B-6 are some of them. Potatoes also do not have high cholesterol content is very good for the heart.

5. overcoming Insomnia

Consuming boiled potatoes believed to be powerful how to overcome insomnia. The substance of tryptophan contained in potato tuber acts as natural herbs to help so more sleeping very soundly. The potassium content also gives effect of muscle relaxation so sleep improves the quality, and you will be spared from severe insomnia.

6. prevents premature aging

Benefits of potatoes in the most famous beauty is as anti aging. By applying potato masks are routine in the face, then this will help disguise fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A and Vitamin C in a potato is very potent for rejuvenating the skin so as to prevent the occurrence of premature aging.

7. Downgrading cholesterol levels

For patients who have high cholesterol, use potatoes to reduce them, because they can be used as an alternative source of carbohydrates to replace rice. The content of potassium contained in potato tubers is believed to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels. This is because potatoes do not contain cholesterol so it is safe for consumption.

8. Build and the formation of the cells in the body

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that is required to perform the processing required for a chemical reaction to form cells in the body. Vitamin B6 is needed more than 100 enzymatic reaction, the enzyme is a protein that causes a chemical reaction. Most of the protein and amino acid needs vitamin B6 for the synthesis of DNA in the formation in the body. For that vitamin B6 is also required for the formation of new cells are cells in our body.

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  1. This good article, we can have many benefits from potatoes

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