Positive and Negative Impacts of Spicy Food

If you are a fan of spicy food, you should reduce the habit of consuming spicy food. Spicy flavor is actually also have a wide range of benefits for our body, such as accelerating the digestive system, healthy heart, as well as contain a source of vitamins a, B, C, and E.
But if spicy food is consumed in excess with a high level of spiciness would be harmful to health.

Following the impact of positive and negative effects for the health consequences of consuming spicy food:


1. Can reduce joint inflammation and damage to bones in humans.

2. Eat spicy not excessive can help improve heart health 3. Chili pepper helps in digestion of food

4. Chili believed capable of lowering cholesterol levels and as a natural antibacterial and antibiotic.

5. Chile consumption could increase the circulation of the blood circulation and reduce blood pressure and much more.


1. Eating excessive spicy foods can cause iritas

2. Spicy food can hurt your stomach or give bad influence so that You can make it difficult to sleep

3. Excessive spicy foods will make you lose your appetite. So try to reduce the taste of spicy food for the body's health.

4. Eat spicy food when an empty stomach will result in You exposed a headache

5. If you're eating excessive spicy stomach illness and disease will be ulcers if exposed to the danger it will deteriorate.

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