How to resolve or prevent hair loss

Hair is a Crown for every human being, especially for women hair is considered as the most important thing, in addition to beautify a woman, hair can also be made to the style for someone.

Even though it's been an awful lot of hair care product that claims to be able to cope with the severe hair loss, but that many people still prefer the traditional way using natural ingredients. Well, even though it uses only natural the result turned out to be quite effective and certainly does not provide any side effects on the health of the hair.

This is a herbal ingredients that will help reduce the problem of hair loss.

1. Olive oil

olive oil can also eradicate head lice hair on your head. But there is a downside, olive oil can also stop Your hair loss.

This usage is quite easy when you want to use olive oil as a solution to Your hair loss.

By simply removing the right or olive oil slathered evenly on Your hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes before shampooing.

2. Aloe Vera

Who does not know with the Aloe Vera plant? It turns out that this plant so many benefits we can take one of them as a way to overcome hair loss naturally.

How to fix hair loss with Aloe Vera is very easy by giving Aloe Vera as needed. Then separate them into two parts, then take his gel. Apply Aloe Vera gel all over the scalp. Let stand about 30 minutes, or until dry. Rinse with cold water until clean. Do at least once a day after bathing for maximum results.

3. Pecan oil

Nuts are already believed to have been used since being able to address the problem of the root hair, be it thinning hair or hair loss.

Even today there are products processed from nutmeg that are able to grow thin hair on the baby.

If you know that you can also use Pecans and Pecan leaves you alone to cope with the loss of your hair.

4. Avocado fruit

The next way is to utilize the fruits of avocado. You can use the fruits of U.S. avocado hair mask, because the protein content in the fruit is very effective to strengthen the hair and being able to give nutrients to your hair. In addition to being able to strengthen the hair, they do not also capable of stimulating the growth of your hair. I was pretty smooth avocado fruit and then apply it on the hair and scalp. Let stand 20 minutes then rinse with shampoo to clean.

5. Garlic

Puree the garlic and use it as a hair mask. After waiting a few minutes and then shampooing your hair use a shampoo for cleaning.

6. Ginger

Ginger may also be able to address Your hair loss, almost the same as the US use garlic. Or you can also combine the two mixed in a blender. Then apply it on your hair and don't forget shampooing.

7. Lemon

Lemon is identical to cure sore throat turned out to be well able to cope with hair loss. With some lemon, you can already do natural hair loss treatments. It is very easy, simply cut the fruit a few lemon slices, and sweeping on the scalp.

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