Women Must know! How to Prevent Dry Face Skin

Prevent Dry Face Skin
Prevent Dry Face Skin
To get radiant skin, clean, fresh, and most people want to get it quickly.

Around you a lot of natural ingredients that can help you to get the facial skin is bright, clean and fresh. In addition to easier and cheaper the cost, of course with using natural ingredients, you don't need to be afraid of the side effects.

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Here's how to whiten the face with natural materials

1. How to whiten the face with lemon

The lemon lot contain anti-oxidants and vitamin c will help you avoid viewing skin acne, brighten faces, overcome excess oil, and dead skin cells.

Not just to whiten face, but vitamin C in Orange was able to ward off radical.

2. Whiten face with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains many substances to inhibit the formation of faces that make it into the dark. That is why most types of face whitening product that includes an Aloe Vera in the composition.

3. To whiten the face with papaya

The enzymes in Papaya can help skin regeneration. Vitamins A, C and E as antioxidants will help nourish your skin.

4. To whiten the face with a Banana

Bananas contain lots of vitamin C and of course effective to whiten the face naturally.

5. Drink enough water every day

Plain water which is always so helper for dry, so that each person consumes his every day looks more fresh and bright.

For those who are lazy to drink plain water, then his skin will be noticeably darker even though using the powder once did.

But white water only enlightening from the inside is the same as for dust, pollution and dead skin cells can only be overcome with the mask in use on the outside.

6. How to whiten the face with tomatoes

There are compounds in tomatoes proven capable of warding off radical face so bright and radiant. Tomatoes are also able to minimize the damage of UV rays that are generated.

7. To whiten the face with potatoes

It turns out the potato skins contain lots of vitamin B and a host of other minerals whose number reached 20 percent. That's why, if you eat a potato could indeed be consumed with the Peel. But don't forget to wash it clean?

The content in the potato can be a natural antibiotic so that the face of aging can be slowed and helps skin regeneration. Anti-oxides which are naturally also played an important role in order for stains or spots may face right in disguise and lost.

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