Factors the causes of damaged hair and how to take care of him

It has a soft and beautiful hair is sure to become everyone's dream. But everyone needs to know how to take care of the hair so that it is not damaged.

This time I will discuss how to take care of damaged hair so that the hair is healthy again. Before that, we will also find out what the heck causes of damaged hair. This is important to prevent not already badly damaged hair.

Factors that become the cause of damaged hair

1. The hair is too long exposed to the Sun will be turned into dry.

2. The large number of chemical substances that stick to the hair. This is because women's hair care products use.

3. Overuse polishes the hair for coloring hair and much more.

How To Care For Damaged Hair

Things in the same way as the hair dry, damaged hair also need special handling. Here are some how to care for hair that is branched.

1. cut the ends of the hair are broken. The damaged parts of the total should be immediately removed.

2. Use a hair mask. One or two times a week to restore moisture and nutrients are lost. Select a nutritious natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, honey, yogurt, avocado, or other plant oils.

3. The consumption of good nutrition. To meet the needs of vitamins vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, and zinc.

4. Clean the hair regularly and wear hair shampoos containing pH balance to normal hair. Use shampoos according with the type of your hair and scalp.

5. Consumption is some foods containing omega 3 fatty acids and 6 as well as important will handle damaged hair, dull and easily broken.

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