This is the danger of drugs for health

The drug is actually widely used to abuse dangerous drugs. Why is it called the abuse? Because actually some type of drug is a drug that is used by the world of medicine as an anesthetic, pain relievers, and treat a variety of diseases. However, abuse occurs when a person consume types of drugs drugs without a prescription or doctor and use it outside of the recommended dose. As a result, people who consume becomes addicted.

Drug Dangers To Health

The drug's u.s. little u.s. any use of it, it is very dangerous to health. Because the use of that bit does not usually last long. In General, drug abuse provides four impact to health, namely:

1. Damage the respiratory system

There are several types of drugs that are smoked like marijuana and its use of heroin. Sucking means through the respiratory tract. By toxic substances through the respiratory tract can lead to disorders of the respiratory system of the condition itself. People who use drugs of this type more easily or at high risk of developing shortness of breath, bronchitis, lung infections and lung cancer.

2. changes in brain function

Probably in the early drug use, the users feel increased its brain function; more creative, it's easier to think, and others. However, when it was up on the stage of addiction is high, these functions will not be felt again. A lot of research that uses animal experiments will show that drug use will eventually damage the central nervous function, namely the brain. Think power will decrease. And the focus is no longer on the job and the environment, but to how to get drugs.

3. Damage the circulatory system

The lungs and the heart of the work are related. When the toxic chemical substances entering the lungs, then the toxic substances will go to the heart and the blood circulation on the whole. And because blood circulates throughout the body, it will also spread toxic substances which he carried throughout the body. Circulatory system become damaged and susceptible to various diseases related to blood circulation. The first can be seen most of the drug users that damaged the blood circulatory system is the result of the blushing eye dilates the blood vessels of the eye.

4. Disorders of the skin

Skin disorder that usually occurs on a drug user with a syringe. The constant injections in the area of the same result in skin infections. The type of drug user skin look bluish in the area of the former injection to occur.

5. Damage the immune system

With the introduction of various types of very dangerous chemicals into the body and various organs of the body, poor automatic drug users suffered damage/decrease immune system/immune body. Drug users will be easy once stricken with the disease. Moreover, plus drug addicts who have been high level not to mention paying attention to things other than how to get the drugs back.

6. Disorders of the liver

In the digestive system functioning liver organ offers the poison. Any kind of poison will enter into the heart, especially the drugs consumed by the mouth and breathing. Because of the many toxins that enter, be excessive work so disrupted liver function. Early symptoms/signs heart disorder drug users is the feeling of being stung in the mouth and throat.

7. Hard to concentrate

A drug addict, who was there in his mind is how to get the drugs back. so they will be difficult to concentrate in certain jobs. Especially if the body will need drugs increased, feeling depressed is increasingly felt. Coupled with the power of their hallucinations become fast offense.


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