The Benefits Of Sports For Women

Sporting activities, namely motion light or heavy with the aim to achieve a balance between body, mind and soul. With some of the activities You do every day to make Your experience stress even you frequently experience fatigue in the workplace or at home. Only problem with the sport as you can manage and the positive effects for your body.

The following are the benefits that can be generated from sports to women's health:

1. Far from osteoporosis

Fitness, weight training, especially important for bone health. Sport plays a vital role in preventing osteoporosis, and helps maintain bone mass. Bone density will be better when someone doing physical activity on a regular basis with the proper parts.

2. Helps relieve the pressure

When exercising, neurotransmitters and endorphins that became an antidote to stress hormones released. In addition, increased body temperature helps soothe the nerves.

3. For beauty women

Beauty and Beauty of the skin become every woman's expectations. For those who exercise regularly will help you eliminate the substances that the body is not required. In addition by running regular exercise will help you reduce free radicals in the body, so that blood circulation becomes more smooth and stimulate collagen production so your skin becomes tighter, the production of collagen can be triggered by exercise routine.

4. Maintain Ideal weight

Do sports with consistent daily so that the muscles can help burn calories. With so much muscle that you have more natural metabolism, there is a good metabolism will help you to be healthy.

5. Increase energy

You can do sports at least 30 minutes once every day. With regular practice will make your body's release of endorphins or chemical compounds that are produced in the brain so it makes you relax into the blood so that you will provide energy to your body.

Based on the type of sports that you can do

1. Do sports with certain tools, such as: fitness, cycling, yoga and so on

2. Do sports with particular activity can be with or without tools, such as swimming, athletics, aerobics, etc.

3. Exercise conducted with other living beings such as horseback riding and so on


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