Symptoms of gastric acid and the best way of overcoming stomach acid

Is it ever feel abdominal pain at all uncomfortable? Maybe you can't eat too much or too little. Even when one particular food consumption then the stomach will feel pain. These disorders may be due to the production of gastric acid in the body, can be too little or too low.

What Is Stomach Acid?

Gastric acid is a liquid that is produced in the digestive organs that contain hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid has the functionality to support the digestive system, detection of germs or bacteria from food and drinks as well as help the body in absorbing vitamin B12. Symptoms of high stomach acid disorders usually are also similar to stomach acid that is too low. To get to know some type of stomach acid, following various facts about the stomach acid and ways to overcome stomach acid disorders.

High Stomach Acid Symptoms

Stomach acid is too high is also not good for the digestive system of the body. Some people do have a tendency to produce excessive stomach acid. This high stomach acid symptoms, can be seen as follows:

1. Respiratory Disorders and less tasty breath odor
2. Frequent belching and flatulence
3. Pain in the throat and sometimes accompanied by cough phlegm so
4. The body becomes weak, not passionate and easy pain
5. Skin will look dull, fever and hair loss.
6. The causes of gastric acid is produced by excessive is like people suffering from addiction or obsession with diets, lack of drinking water, diabetes and women who are pregnant.

Various means of overcoming stomach acid you should know

1. avoid snacking between meals

This one can make a habit of digestive trouble to digest the food which is too much. As a result, the body takes quite a long time to digest food.

2. Eat more regularly

One of the causes of the increase of acid in the stomach is an irregular eating patterns. Therefore, try to have the same meal every hour of the day. In addition, you are also advised not to eat two hours before going to bed, because it can trigger the acid goes up to the throat while sleeping.

3. avoid drinking too much water while eating

Drinking too much water in the middle of eating can dilute the acid in the stomach and make the food you consume more difficult to digest.

4. Fox life style

A healthy lifestyle has a very big role for the health of the stomach acid. Some people are not aware that a lifestyle that looks good, turns out to have a bad effect for gastric acid. Here's some customs that must be modified or repaired starts:

-Stop the habit of smoking and alcohol consumption
- Do exercise regularly
- Exercising Enough light for 15 minutes per day to maintain body health
- The consumption of drinking water to prevent dehydration
- Dehydration also causes increased stomach acid so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of mineral water per day

5. Note eating portion

How to resolve other stomach acid is to pay attention to the serving of meals. Because eating in large portions can trigger reflux. To avoid starvation, you should be eating more frequently but in smaller portions.


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