Causes of toothache and how to treat it

Toothache became one of the most agonizing health disorders. Headache, fever, and pain that accompany it can make sufferers of toothache so suffered. In fact, it can affect mood or moods.

Tooth pain is often caused by cavities. It could be when the teeth were about to date, the ordinary things that happen to children who are in their milk teeth changed into adult teeth. Cavities are indeed can be experienced by anyone, both children and adults to the elderly. Many factors can cause cavities.

This is the cause of cavities

1. How to brush your teeth is wrong

We rarely realize that we brush our teeth with the wrong way. There may be some people who think, which is very important so that toothbrush baseball bad breath. This definitely is the wrong way of thinking. Because if you are brushing your teeth, then the random leftover in your teeth does not disappear completely. This will cause the germs on the food scraps to create cavities. Therefore, start applying the correct way of brushing my teeth for at least 2 hours.

2. Rarely brushing teeth

Causes of cavity next rarely brushing your teeth. When You are seldom lazy and rubbing your teeth, then the bacteria and germs from the leftovers will multiply rapidly and cause cavities. Diligent brushing your teeth twice a day. After breakfast and before bedtime.

3. Incorrect brushing Tools

Wear of toothbrush and toothpaste that doesn't match it turns can cause holes in your teeth. For example, your mouth is small but wearing a big toothbrush. This will definitely make the toothbrush can't reach all of your teeth perfectly so that the rest of the food is left in the mouth is not gone well.

4. Too many consume sugary foods

It feels almost all foods contain sugar or sweet Food flavorings. When you consume too much sugary food and drink, bacteria thus more comfortable nest in your mouth. Bacteria that flourish will change substances into lactic acid and then began to erode teeth gradually.

How to treat a toothache:

1. Dental compresses an unused

Swelling in the gums can cause toothache. So badly did not increase pain, swelling of the cheek area is to compress the pain gradually disappeared. The trick quite easily, dip a handkerchief into the ice water, and then pressing the part your cheeks. It can also rock with ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, and then pressed press slowly into the cheek.

2. Gargle with salt water

Painkillers next teeth is salt water. Content of disinfectant in the salt water is great for relieving the pain. In addition, the germs and food scraps can also be taken up by itself when you gargle with salt water.

How to make a salt water gargle is very easy. Take warm water to taste, then add ½ teaspoon of salt. Stir until the salt is completely dissolved, then gargle. Do every day after dinner.

3. Lemon

The acid in the lemon serves as a natural alkaline pH levels in the mouth in order to be balanced. In addition to the lemon is also an antibacterial which effectively to eradicate the bacteria causes cavities. Squeeze 1 lemon, put in a glass of warm water. Use to rinse 3 times a day so that bacteria are completely lost.

4. Lemon

Same thing with lemon, lime is also effective to eradicate the bacteria in the mouth so that oral health is maintained. Squeeze 2 lemon, mix it with a glass of warm water and then use it to gargle.

5. Guava Leaf

The leaves of the guava also turns out to be useful as antibacterials useful for maintaining oral health. In addition the leaves of guava is effective as a way to treat toothache as it has antibacterial, antiiflamasi, and analgesi. All you need to do is just take some guava. Or boil the leaves of guava with a glass of water and then use it to gargle.

6. Betel leaf

The betel leaf is a traditional recipe from the times of ancestors that is proven as a way to treat toothache. Have you ever seen a grandmother or grandfather you eat something into his mouth. They are chewable betel leaf. Betel leaves are useful as booster gear, stop the bleeding in the gums, eliminate bad breath, as well as a natural antiseptic. You can use it with candy or poach him then used to rinse!

7. Clove

Cloves are also one of many natural ingredients that can treat a toothache. The trick is to stick the cloves finely and then mashing on the tooth that hurts.

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