Avoid this Food when Menstruation, Because it will be Dangerous if Consumed

          Menstruation will be marked by abdominal cramps, conditions tend to be unstable with emotions up and down, feeling restless, and pain in the abdomen that is different from one woman to another. There are those who feel very painful, some are ordinary. The effect of different conditions during menstruation can be caused by many factors, such as the condition of the body's stamina or also the type of food consumed.

Avoid this type of food when you are menstruating:


          Caffeine is one of the foods that should be avoided during menstruation. because caffeine will narrow your blood vessels and cause the body to become dehydrated and cause headaches.

Dairy Products

          Dairy products should be avoided when menstruating. Milk contains arachidonic acid which can trigger stomach cramps.

Baked food

          Avoid baked foods is the best way to reduce cramps and menstrual pain. This happens because baked foods contain lots of trans fat.

Spicy food

          Avoid Spicy foods can be due to slowing down the menstrual phase and triggering acne. In addition, the intestines and other digestive parts can also be disrupted, causing more intense pain.

Sweet Food

          We recommend that you do not get too much sugar so it can cause blood circulation to become unstable.

Instant Noodles

          The next food that you should avoid is instant noodles. Instant noodles have high levels of MSG and salt so it can influence the process of menstruation in women. A problem that occurs if the consumption of instant noodles when menstruation will make the body feel the pain in the abdomen, the feeling of nausea, headaches, stomach bloating to disorders of the stomach.

Cold Drink

          Drinking cold water are not allowed to be consumed by women who are menstruating because it can give full effect and bloating in the stomach, pain and raises a sense of cramping.

Fried foods

          We recommend that you avoid foods that contain excess oil. Fried foods can cause inflammation and potentially increase the estrogen levels in the body. So could your stomach cramps and pains in the uterus.

Drinks containing alcohol

          Alcohol can worsen the menstruation and can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels so that makes you become more sensitive and quick to anger, anxiety, fatigue, and can also cause a headache.

Sugary Foods

          Preferably when menstruation naturally your emotional sensitivity and level become higher, and often You crave sweet foods like chocolate, sugar or other sweet food to raise the mood well. But, the fact should not be consuming sugary foods in great numbers while during this time

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