Avoid alcohol because this type of harm to your body

          Now more and more enthusiasts against alcohol drinks, both men and women. But do you know what impact arising from consuming alcohol drinks? What are the dangers of alcohol for women? The impact of consuming alcohol at a minimum this could harm the organs in the body, even the effect could fund death. Moreover, if a woman priest of consumption. As well as the dangers of smoking for women, it turns out that alcohol is also very dangerous against a woman. Women who consume alcoholic beverages, drunk faster compared to men who consume alcoholic beverages. It is due to the composition of the air that is present in a woman's body with fruit guy. Approximately 65% of the composition of the water in the body of the man, while in women only around 55% just so make women drunk faster if consuming alcohol. Therefore, reminiscent of the women to be more careful. Because the diseases will arise if more quickly consume alcohol, especially authenticity in women.

People who consume alcohol is mostly just for lifestyle. If we don't try to consume these alcoholic beverages, life is like is not exhaustive. Many of those adolescents who consume alcohol.  May know what is the appeal of alcohol so much consume. Many were originally just dabble, but eventually even become addicted to constant Fund finally became an everyday drink that cannot be abandoned.

The impact of alcohol drinks

Alcohol Beverages contain ethanol liquid psychoactive ingredients. If consuming alcohol will result in unconsciousness caused by psychoactive ingredients. Many people know that consuming alcohol will make consumer demand becomes drunk. But in fact, many impacts are popping up when we consume alcohol either indirectly or directly. As well as the dangers of smoking against women, following the impact of alcohol on health of women:

1. Cancer risk

Alcohol will increase the risk against breast cancer. Alcohol is not just a cause of breast cancer, alcohol can also lead to cancers of the head and neck cancer.

2. create a nerve rupture

Alcohol contains addictive substances. Alcohol can cause consumer demand to become addicted. If it is continuously consumed, will cause damage to the nerves of the brain. Brain nerve damage will result in the loss of taste, sensitivity to the level of the sense of touch will be reduced, and more. Alcoholic drinks can also make consume memory disorders. Memory-based fluid disorders in dementia of Alzheimer's type.

3. Heart Pain

The impact of liquor directly is the increased heart rate. Not only the increasing heart rate, heart condition would be reduced so that the heart cannot function in the running and starting to work to its full potential. Because in addition to make nerve cells rupture, alcohol can also make cells into heart disease broke out.

4. Disorders of the Fetus

If while pregnant consume alcohol, will result in disorders of the fetus. We recommend that, if in these conditions, to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. Because the nutrients into the body of the fetus will be disturbed. Resulting in a baby who is born will be born with the disorder experience so that the State is not perfect. As well as the health of the mother and the fetus will be disturbed. Consumed alcohol while pregnant also causes physical disabilities and mental disabilities after birth. Alcohol will be through the placenta into the fetal body into his. Alcohol will damage the slower digestion occurs in the fetus develops. So essentially all types of alcohol consumed pregnant mothers would be very dangerous to the developing fetus.

5. Disorders of Reproduction

Consume alcohol will give you a negative effect against the female reproductive system and reproductive functions will have an impact on women. Alcohol affects the female puberty, interfere with the menstrual cycle so that menstruation is not fluent, and hormonal changes women post-menopause. The survey results said that 22.4% of class 2 junior high and 50% of children of high school grade 3 has been consuming alcohol drinks. As well as Teen ages 12-18 years will experience a decline in estrogen levels 2 weeks after consumption of alcohol. So alcohol affects sexual maturity and reproductive functions slow down. Women consume alcohol will experience menstrual disorders and reproductive disorders such as menstruation not smoothly, not the formation of eggs as well as infertility.

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