The following are some ways to eliminate stress when working

          Pressure and work assignments also make the body tired and stressful. As much as possible, take a minute to rest and refresh the body again as soon as you go home from work.

Stress and prolonged fatigue will make the body vulnerable to illness. The following are some ways to relieve stress while working:

Cheer Up Every Day

          Do not create jobs. Think of your work feels light so you would do it with pleasure.

Listen to Music

          The music is an effective remedy for relieving fatigue at the time of your work. Try to listen to music that makes a relaxed and calm will surely make you happy.

Search for Fresh Air

          Take a stroll in the garden is an effective way to get rid of fatigue on your body and looking for fresh air so that your mind back again.

Rinse Face with Warm Water

          Rinse your face with warm water so you don't get sleepy while doing work.


          Laughter not only shows that you are enjoying a moment, but also changes the body's system that can reduce stress in the long run.

Make a plan ahead

         We all definitely know what we will do every day of the week, so plan ahead is key in managing your stress level. Every night of the week, I look at my calendar to prioritize meetings, events and tasks that I'll do in the week ahead. Then, I make a daily calendar. This can alleviate my workload even further because everything is detailed.

The massage was the head.

          Massaging your head can get rid of stress. Take a few minutes to do the massage head. You can massage yourself, but to continue the maximum you can go to a salon.

Play video games

          Once in a while, take the time you do the relaxation of the mind by playing video games on the hours of rest.

Turn Off The Connection With The Outside World

          If Your stress is no longer bearable, it is advisable to try turning off the connection with the outside world or intent is turn off the phone for a while so that we don't access the internet or social media. Because this is one of the effective ways of overcoming stress.

Try Sleeping at the time of Rest

          How to overcome stress actually is not that complicated. One of them with enough rest, you can sleep on a time clock breaks due to sleep a few minutes can also soothe your mind.

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