Benefits that you get when Aerobic training everyday

          Aerobic Gymnastics is very beneficial for healthy body, especially very good for heart health. Besides being not heavy, this gymnastics also includes relaxing and does not need more energy so that it can be done by various groups such as pregnant women, parents, and children.

The following are the benefits of aerobic exercise for the body:

  •  Helps increase body stamina

          Surely you have felt that the name is tired, tired, weak and lethargic in carrying out daily activities. Aerobic exercise is one of the sports activities that can increase stamina so we become excited and not easily tired.

  • Improve muscle health.

          Human muscles need oxygen to help avoid lactic acid or other diseases. Aerobics will encourage blood vessels to provide enough oxygen in the muscles and keep them away from various diseases.

  • Improve heart organ function

         And the last is to improve the performance of heart organs. By doing this exercise the heart rate can increase so that the heart will become stable.

  • Reduce high blood pressure. 

           Aerobic exercise can also help to reduce high blood pressure and can unleash a blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

  • For pregnant women

          Aerobic gymnastics for pregnant women can also help with vaginal birth increases the elasticity of the muscles.

  • Boost the immune system

          The second benefit of gymnastics it is boost the immune system. This is because while doing gymnastics it then Venom or toxin that builds up in the body can be issued through sweat.

  • Lose weight

           Physical activity, aerobic gymnastics, one of which is believed to be able to burn calories effectively so that body fat be reduced. With the calorie burning then our weight will go down.

  • Clean out arteries

          Aerobic gymnastics activity beneficial to increase good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol in the body.

  •  Reduce stress.

          Aerobics is one of the types of sports that can enable endorphins which can provide a sense of calm.

  • Ageless. 

          Aerobics can also make you a youthful, because burning the calories, fat, sweat and will help improve the elasticity of the muscles and the skin so that it looks more bright and shining

Tips Begin Aerobic Gymnastics

1. Do 3-5 times in one week
2. The duration of 20-40 seconds in accordance with the skill level of your body.
3. Take 5-10 minutes to warm-up before gymnastics, 5-10 minutes to stretch after a workout.
4. do not consume energy drinks and sweetened before and after aerobic exercise.

We recommend that you do routinely to get maximum results, and if possible be done with an experienced instructor.

Side Effects Of Aerobic Gymnastics

Although aerobic gymnastics activity provides great benefits for the health of the body, but if we perform this gymnastics is excessive can supply a negative impact such as:

1. Fatigue

2. Injury

3. Sleep disorders

4. Making the muscles do not perfectly formed

Therefore, to avoid the various negative effects of aerobic gymnastics, we should notice carefully how to do along with the exact duration of the note so that we get more benefits.

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