The following is the benefits that was getting when Playing Badminton

          Sports Badminton is indeed known as a sport that is easy and fast to sweat. Therefore the benefits of playing badminton are very important for all ages. Because in badminton almost all parts of our body move actively quickly.

Here are the benefits you can get by playing badminton:

Reducing Cardiac Rehabilitation

          Playing badminton regularly can prevent us from heart disease, especially heart attacks. The condition of playing badminton, in addition to preventing us from hypertension can also strengthen the heart muscle and maintain blood vessels from blockages.

Forming Body Muscles

          If you want sexy body muscles, just try to play badminton regularly, because this exercise is able to eliminate fat deposits around the body and especially the thighs, waist and buttocks.

Lose weight

          Playing badminton regularly helps overweight people to lose their weight and achieve ideal body weight according to their height and age. This effect is caused by excess calories will burn during playing badminton which in turn will prevent fat accumulation in the body.

Relieve Stress

           Badminton can relieve your stress, depression and anxiety. This exercise can improve your sleep quality and efficiency in doing routine. This can also help in increasing self-confidence and optimism.

Train brain function

          Badminton is a game that also requires strategy. When playing, it requires much coordination of the motion, eye attention and hands and this requires good brain performance. Our brains are required to work quickly and precisely, of course this is good for the freshness of our brain.

Maintain Concentration Power

          In the game of badminton, what is needed is not just physical work. But the work of the brain is also very influential, when we want to read the movement and make a decision to return the shuttlecock in which direction.

Increase leg strength

           Not only our bones become solid but also strong. The movements of the dances to the left, right, front, back, and jumping while playing badminton are in fact very effective in forming leg strength.

Prevent heart disease

          The risk of other diseases could be avoided with badminton, one of which is the risk of heart disease. This exercise will also strengthen your heart muscles, it can also increase the heart rate is normal and makes her more regular rate.

Good for patients with hypertension

          Do you include that have high blood pressure?  If yes then it is able to increase circulation normally and your blood vessels healthy.


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