The bike can make you more Healthy the following benefits

          Maybe there are only a few people who cannot or do not like to agree because as we know cycling is very exciting especially when we were little there were so many valuable experiences that we can get when cycling. Besides being fun, do you know that cycling has a very good impact on our health.

Cycling is a type of light exercise, making it easier to do and can maintain joint health. Cycling can also help get body shape. The best way to maintain your heart health, do cycling at least 150 minutes every week. For example, you can bike as transportation for work, school, and so on or cycling on holidays to get rid of fatigue.
Benefits of Cycling for Body Health:

1. Strengthening the Immune System

          The immune system has a role in protecting the body from various infections and viruses. Research has research that has shown that physical activity such as exercise and cycling can improve the ability of the immune system, to make the body more fit.

2. Reducing the risk of heart and blood vessel disease

          Cycling regularly can stimulate and improve the heart, lungs, and blood circulation. Cycling will strengthen the heart muscle and reduce fat levels in the blood. This is evidenced in a study in Denmark which shows that people who cycle regularly will be kept from heart disease in old age.

3. Increase Stamina

          Cycling is one type of light exercise. Thus cycling is one of the best ways to increase stamina, this is because you can ride your bike longer than do aerobics or walk which may make you tired faster.

4. Reduce stress

          If you are stressed, try to exercise lightly like cycling. This is because, when cycling our eyes can see a variety of different sights. So that you can forget what is happening or the problem you are facing.

5. Control weight

          Cycling is a good way to control or lose weight, because cycling can increase metabolic rates, build muscle, and burn body fat. Cycling helps you to ensure that your energy expenditure is greater than energy intake, because you burn calories while cycling.

6. Prevent Obesity

          If you do not want to be exposed to obesity or obesity, then start from now to exercise regularly, whether it starts from mild exercise such as cycling or other sports that you like. This is because exercising can prevent you from obesity.

7. Avoid Air Pollution

          Maybe you've thought a cyclist in big cities will suck up more pollution than drivers and passengers in vehicles like cars or motorbikes.


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