Benefits of Ice Cubes for Health and Beauty

          Ice cubes are frozen water. ice cubes are also very helpful for relieving thirst. Especially when mixed with a glass of tea or orange juice, and drunk at 12 noon when the sun shines on the earth. It turns out that besides being effective in thirst, ice cubes are also useful for facial beauty. Starting from dealing with acne to long-lasting makeup. This is the benefit of ice cubes for healthier and prettier faces:

  • Overcoming acne.

          Acne occurs due to inflammation under the surface of the skin. Inflammation due to pore blockage by oil, bacteria, and dirt causes a lump called acne. And to compress acne with ice cubes, it can relieve pain and swelling caused by inflammation. Of course ice cubes are made of clean water and it is better still made from boiled water or drinking water.

  • Overcoming cramps due to menstruation

          As a woman, they often complain with pain in their bodies in the form of cramps in the stomach. To deal with pain with ice cubes, do not need to be eaten or drunk but simply put ice cubes on the abdominal area that feels cramped. In addition to the abdomen, you can also maximize it by placing it on your back.

  •  Helps reduce fever temperature

          Compress the head of a fevered person using a cloth that has been moistened with cold water. But this method is not very effective when compared to plastic bags that are loaded with a few ice cubes and then placed in the head.

  • Shrink pores of the skin.

          Pores are cracks on the surface of the skin for circulation, can be air, liquid, or other small molecules. When the pore enlarges, of course the particles from the outside will be easier to enter and vice versa. Dirty dust and air which is one source of acne, can also enter easily.

  • Overcoming panda eyes.

         Panda's eyes must be a complaint that you can't help! Black circles and eye bags will greatly interfere with appearance. Two things that arise due to lack of sleep, fatigue, and stress. Relax, ice cubes can help you overcome these two problems.
The blackening color and eye bag that appear are signals from your skin that he is experiencing stress. Make no mistake. Each of your body organs also feels stress, you know when you have a lot of thoughts. Well, a refreshing cold sensation from ice cubes, can help you relax the area around the eyes. If your skin is not strong in direct contact with ice cubes, you can wrap it in thick plastic or a thin towel. But first make sure the wrapper is clean, so as not to cause new problems on the skin.

  • Overcoming Oily Skin on the Face

          Oil basically settles into the pores of the face. This oil content will interfere with your daily routine and your appearance. The water content of ice can help in heating the oil on the face.

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