Red Wine is Beneficial, But there are also Ingredients

          During this time, we may have heard a lot about the benefits of red wine. But not fully realizing when consuming too much is not healthy.

Benefits and Dangers of Red Wine
Benefits and Dangers of Red Wine

Many people use synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements to boost the immune system and the health of their bodies.

However, this supplement contains many chemicals and is actually more harmful to our health.

So, organic ingredients like Apple Cider vinegar, and red wine also can help improve your health.

Well, this time I share the benefits of red wine for the body :

1. Lower bad Cholesterol

The heart and good cholesterol go hand in hand. You can't get one without the other.

2. Freshen Breath

Red wine can serve as a mouthwash, because flavan-3 contained in red wine can reduce  "bad bacteria " in your mouth.

3. Good for Heart Health

The benefits of alcohol on cardiovascular health that relates to its ability to increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, and reducing blood disorder that can cause a blockage arteries-along with the heart attack of th at can follow.

But remember, if you consume too much it will be dangerous like the following :

1. Disturbance in the Brain

In the long run, excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with the development of new brain cells, while increasing the risk of experiencing depression. Meanwhile, the short-term effects that are often encountered due to the excessive consumption of alcohol can change the behavior and memory disorders.

2. Trigger the Dehydration

Alcoholic drinks can trigger a lack of fluids in the body. Not rarely, were followed by a headache.

3. Risk of Addiction

Eat alcoholic beverages, including wine, allows one to become addicted to alcohol. When that happens, it will definitely be difficult to control your intake of alcohol.

And there are many more risks incurred if you cannot control your intake of alcohol so that you are always in a healthy dose of and not excessive, you should never consume alcohol at all.

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