Sharpen your Eyes and Consume these Fruits

          Health on the eyes is very important. Everyone definitely does not want to get eye diseases, because to maintain eye health starts from the beginning. To avoid distractions and a variety of vision problems, there are two things to be aware of. First, external treatment and the second is a pretty necessary nutrients to the eye.
How to maintain the health of the eyes of the dangers caused by dust and pollution, can be done by using eye protection such as goggles and helmet road. This method is very useful to prevent irritation to the eyes. While the treatment is done from within, by eating foods that nourish the eye.

Good Fruits for Your Eyes:

  • Avocado
          The content of lutein in the avocado can minimize the risk of abnormalities of the eye, and make the eyes become the focus for capturing an object so that it will be more obvious. Not only that, avocados can also be used as a moisturizing eye mask.
  • Orange
          Oranges contain lots of vitamin C, fiber, folate, calcium, and potassium. Vitamin C in it so that it can reduce the risk of confusion on the lens of the eye
  • Apple Juice
          Apple contains many fito nutrients and antioxidants so it is very good as an antidote to free radicals. Apple contains vitamin A that is as much as 54 IU so it is very good for maintaining eye health and skin moisture.
  • Guava
          Guava fruit juice good for eye health, containing many minerals, high in antioxidants resources and very low in calories.
  • Papaya
          This fruit contains lutein and zeaxanthin and is believed to reduce the risk of macular degeneration disease.
  • Tomatoes
          Nutrients in tomatoes is useful for keeping the vision including vitamin A and vitamin c. Vitamin A helps the metabolism of cells in the outer layer of the retina, which acts for adaptation to light and dark.
  • Pineapple Fruit Juice
          The pineapple is a fruit that contains a lot of minerals like folate, manganese, and potassium. Pineapple fruit also contains vitamin A which is approximately 58 IU in each 100 grams of fruit so good for eye health.
  • Carrot
          The carrot is very famous for being able to sharpen your vision especially improve the function of the retina. Because carrots are high in vitamin a. therefore make it a habit to eat carrots fine cuisine or processed into juice to improve your eyesight.
  • Spinach
          Vegetables spinach is also good for eye health. Because the content of lutein and zeaxanthin are beneficial to nourish your eyesight.
  • Almond
          Vitamin E is found in almonds not only to make your skin more beautiful, but also beneficial to your eyesight as well as be becomes clear. Antioxidants found in almonds function lowers the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Fish
          Fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and others contain more omega-3 fatty acids that help to protect against the risk of macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. So is proving to be one of the best foods to improve your night vision.


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