List of Food of Choice for young Pregnant Women, so that the fetus remains Healthy

          Although almost every day you feel nausea and vomiting in the first 3 months, never give up on organizing nutritious food everyday. Healthy food for young women 1-3 months pregnant is very important, because at that time the new fetus begins to grow and requires various vitamins and minerals to develop properly.

Don't believe that pregnant women should eat twice as much as 'two bodies'. The truth is, eating 2 times more nutritious than 2 times more.

When we overeat, excess calorie intake will make the body overweight. Fat pregnant women do not have to give birth to a fat baby. Finally, pregnant women will have difficulty losing weight after giving birth later.

Food should be arranged to be "on target". That is, we eat according to the stage of fetal growth.

  • Healthy food for young pregnant women

In essence, healthy food for young pregnant women should meet 4 healthy 5 perfect every day:

- carbohydrates, such as: rice, bread, potatoes, oatmeal (havermouth)
- vegetables
- fruits
- protein, such as: chicken, beef, eggs, tofu,
- dairy products, such as: milk, yogurt, cheese

  • Foods to avoid

From now on, reduce consumption of caffeine. The recommended maximum limit is 200 mg per day, approximately 2 cups of coffee per day.

Other foods to avoid are:

- alcohol
- mayonnaise, because it contains raw eggs
- less cooked eggs
- undercooked meat
- hotdog or hamburger meat, unless fried in advance
- sushi
- dairy products that are not pasteurized first
- seafood with high mercury content, such as shellfish


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