How to Avoid Acne Causes

          Acne can come on the face for several factors. Some factors that can cause acne such as oily skin, blockage of dirt on the pores of the face due to makeup, and not immediately cleaned up to fall asleep, the type of make up is not suitable and much more. To keep all that necessary powerful ways and that will be done to see as much as possible a powerful way for it to see well and do. May your face always be protected from acne that will come to the face.

How to Prevent Acne :

1. Lifestyle
          One thing that can be one of the factors causing acne is your lifestyle.

2. Lazy Bath
          One cause of the emergence of dirt, oil, and makeup that combine with sweat and clog the pores of the face. We recommend that after doing our activities immediately take a bath to clean yourself and face.

3. MakeUp
          Avoid makeup that contains a lot of oil, this can risk clog pores and cause acne. Choose make up that has nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic label.

4. Avoid Stress
          It's a good idea to calm your mind and avoid stress. Stress can easily and is one of the triggers of stress.

5. Many white water consume
          Consume it with plenty of water will help you to disperse the oils and fats in the body. Face and become healthy digestion that affect the face of dullness and acne.

6.Positive thinking
          You should also make your mind more positive every day. Being always positive will help you overcome the problem of acne and a dull face.

7. Regular breaks
          You can take acne preventive measures by keeping the breaks more organized. With regular breaks of eight hours a day will make the body and face become more fit. Avoid sleeping late and staying up late because it causes the face to become dull, spotty and panda eyes.

8. Use moisturizers
          You can also use moisturizer suitable for skin types. But if you don't know your skin type you should use a moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types. If you use a moisturizing skin will then protected from ultraviolet. For that select containing anti UV.

9. Avid sports
          Don't think that exercise just to nourish organs in the course. Exercise routine can help resolve and prevent acne.

10. Using the natural mask
          You can take care of themselves especially facial breakouts so as not to not have to go to a salon. You can use the mask itself from natural ingredients such as only using Avocados.

There are four conditions that can cause acne, namely:

1. Excess sebum production.
Sebum is a substance produced by the sebaceous glands to prevent dry skin.
2. Obstruction in the hair follicles.
Acne occurs when hair follicles clogged by a mixture of dead skin cells and sebum.
3. Bacteria.
Types of bacteria Propionibacterium acnes can thrive and clog the hair follicles, and cause inflammation.
4. Hormone.
Excess androgen hormone activity can cause acne.

The follicles are clogged could swell and form white or blackheads blackheads black when exposed to the outside world.

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