Warning! Don't Sleep near Cell Phones, Because It Can Be Bad

Don't Sleep near Cell Phones! Because It Can Be Bad

         Nowadays mobile phones have become the most loyal friend of man, can be said in the present day no one has no mobile phone. The phone has changed from the luxury goods that once a handful of people were able to own it, but now even elementary school age children are often rarely found to carry it everywhere.

As a human friend the mobile has helped a lot to facilitate communication of its owner with others. However, although as a friend it turns out the phone also save its own danger that is not realized by the owner. Moreover, not infrequently mobile phone owners today, when they sleep, the phone is also located nearby.

It's good if the habit of sleeping near the phone from now on removed. Quoted from various sources, here are 9 negative effects of sleeping near the phone, including:

1. May cause brain Tumor

          Because radiation from cell phones can affect the formation of neoplasms from unnatural cell regeneration. therefore, from now on try not to use the phone too often, if getting used to sleep nearby.

2. May cause Cancer

         Cell phone radiation can also affect the process of dividing the cells in the body becomes uncontrolled, then attack the nearby network that regularly come into direct contact, such as skin and ears due to exposure to cell phone radiation.

3. Burn and Explode

          This happens because often the owner of the phone recharges and then forgets to fall asleep, when the power is full and forget to pull it out, then the phone will become hot and if the short circuit can cause burst to burn.

4.For pregnant women: Sleeping near the mobile increases the risk of miscarriage

          You may be wondering, "What does that have to do with a miscarriage?". But a journal about epidemiology is quoted as saying every living organism has cells that are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. The brain that has its own magnetic field has an important role in the process of cell division and differentiation occurs in the fetus.

5. Causes Headaches

          Cell phone radiation for some people who are sensitive to RF waves emitted can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting.

6. Mobile Phones under cushions can cause Fires

          Because the battery will tend to quickly heat when placed in a closed place like a pillow, blanket, or other thick material so that risk igniting fires.

7. Mobile can decrease sperm Fertility levels

          Sleep near mobile turns can affect sperm production on a man. Certainly his influence on fertility levels of sperm. Mobile phone electromagnetic radiation exposure can result in impaired reproductive hormone production levels and also can make the amount of the hormone testosterone production is higher.

8. Increase the chances of Interference of the Heart

          Sleep near Mobile indeed things lightly. But the risk of losing lives. Mobile phone radiation can also increase the risk of heart disease. In addition, it often made was surprised when the mobile phone rang in the middle of the night also increases the chance of interference of the heart.

9. Disorders of Brain Cells

          Cell phone radiation can affect the nerves to the human can cause cancer or tumors, especially in children, the scalp and skull is thinner than that of adults, and are more vulnerable to radiation.

10. For pregnant women Sleep near mobile at risk of Miscarriage

          You may be wondering, "what to do with the miscarriage?". Because every living organisms have cells surrounded by electromagnetic interference fields. The brain had its own magnetic field has an important role in the process of cell division and differentiation occur in the fetus.

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