Bad Habits that can damage Eyes

          We can look at any existing objects in the vicinity because of the conditions our eyes healthy.
However, if at any time the health of our eyes can change and become healthy again. Actually the habit what can make our eyes be damaged?

Following that makes the eye damage:

1. Reading While Sleeping
          Reading While Sleeping is fun and very relaxing. However, reading in this way makes it difficult to adjust the distance of the eyes with the book. this can cause sore and tired eyes, which can eventually damage the eyes.

2. Reading with dim light
          When we read with dim light, then the eyes will get tired quickly. This is because our eyepiece is forced. If this continues to be done then the eyes will quickly be damaged.

3. Rubbing the Eyes
          Rubbing our eyes sometimes we do unconsciously. Usually when the eyes itch. In fact, rubbed the eyes can damage corneal lining.

4. See smartphone / Computer for too long
          The computer screen and gadget emit radiation that is very harmful to our eyes. this can make eye fatigue, eye disorders, or other eye diseases.

5. Unclean box lens
          Some people prefer to use a box lens instead of glasses. However, often they forget and lazy to keep the eyepiece worn. If the lens of the dirty box can cause eye irritation and red eyes.


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