Healthy Skin Secrets in Skin care Every Day


The skin is the most important part of the body to support the appearance of a person. After the importance of this body part makes a lot of people did everything to maintain their health. In fact, they are willing to spend money to tens of millions to get the appearance of healthy skin. In fact, if you want to learn a little bit, they don't need a lot of funds to do plastic surgery or other treatments.

Some of the skin problems:

-Oily skin

-Dry and dull skin

-Skin acne and blackheads

Here are tips to take care of the health of skin to keep it bright and healthy:

  • Drink lots of water

Our body consists of water. If mineral deficiencies then the body will become dehydrated and the skin will become dry due to lack of water will help the moisture from within.

  • Not Smoking

Smoking is one of the things that can damage the skin. because it can make your skin age faster. Smoking can break down collagen that can reduce skin elasticity and damage of cells due to tobacco toxin of skin.

  • Getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make your skin look tired, boring, and teens. In addition, the more often you sleep less, the higher the risk of occurrence of blackened eye pockets under the eyes.

  • Protect the skin from sun exposure

The morning sun is very good for the health of both inside and outside the skin. But if it is the middle of the day, the hot UV rays can burn the skin if you leaving skin exposed to the Sun for too long without protection.

  • Control stress

Stress can stimulate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol stress hormone involved in primary production of oily fat from the sebaceous glands. The amount of fat greasy too much is what can close the pores of the skin and acne-causing bacteria trap in it.

  • Avoid foods containing sugar

The next step is to keep your skin healthy is to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar. According to research, foods containing sugar too high will cause damage to collagen. If so, then your skin will be wrinkled and become loose. That is why limiting the consumption of sugar to keep skin fresh and healthy.

  • Exercise

When exercising, improves blood circulation in the body becomes optimal. It is useful to supply oxygen and nutrients in the body to make it smoother, which is beneficial for general health, including skin will become more beautiful and healthy.


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