Wake up to the benefits of body health

          Wake up in the morning is waking up in the morning before sunrise, usually including category are people who wake up wake up between the hour and a half four, five, and six hours. People who are accustomed to getting up early will be better able to organize its activity schedule is better because it will not be possible later in the activities she was doing.

because in addition to beneficial in discipline, getting up early in the morning has turned out to be useful also for the health of body and mind.The following are the benefits of early risers:

1. Fresh Body
          When you wake up in the morning, the body will feel refreshed. Eve and the benefits of air in the morning can refresh the body.

2. Healthy Heart
          With a smooth blood circulation, provide benefits on other organs, like the heart. Where different types of heart disease, generally occurs because the blood flow and oxygen are not optimally to the heart.

3. Improves Brain Function
          As already explained that by waking up in the morning will make the blood circulation in your body to be smooth. A smooth blood circulation will help improve brain function more optimally.

4. Bone Health Is Maintained
          In the Sun there is potassium potassium content, it is important for the health of the body. Moreover, the time of the morning when the potassium content in the sunlight so much and still pure. Therefore in order to try and get up earlier so that bone health you awake so you can help increase the height.

5. Improve Memory
          In the above points have been described that wakes up in the morning can boost brain function. One of the functions of the brain is memory, so wake up early in the morning will also improve memory and you will be spared from senility.

6.Burn Calories
          The right time to exercise is during the morning, the more you wake up the more calories you burn when you exercise. Calories in the body and excessive is not good because it can create various kinds of health problems in the body.

7. Forming Positive Thoughts
          Waking up in the morning in addition to healthy for the body is also able to form positive thoughts. By waking up in the morning you will be able to prepare your activities better so that your mind will become more positive.


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